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THE ANSWER: Enter your name and email to the right. We'll then setup a short no obligation call to understand your specific needs and launch objectives.

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PMI® Certified: Project Management Professional (PMP®)

PLM Platinum:
Product Launch Manager
Trained by Jeff Walker

25+ Years Expertise with a $40B Transportation and Logistics Company:
Managed company's first global online product launch for international trade. 
Created and lead the Project Management Office for Technology Solutions in the company's largest Business Development Group.

Project Coach: Helping the average guy use Project Management without becoming a Project Geek

 Gary Huff, Product Launch Manager

 Gary W. Huff   
Gary W. Huff

James Klobasa

"Huge thanks for all your help."

"The knowledge and background he has is fantastic."



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Mark Peters

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"Blown away on what you
have to offer."

Lisa Pfister

"This guy is MONEY."

"Great leader, tremendous copywriter, and really knows his project management."




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